Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Video on the Web

Your new assignment is to create a video for your blog. You must create a 2-5 minute video that will be embedded in your blog and posted on 2 of the following sites:

Your video should be about yourself or something important to you. It must feature an interview and b-rollInternet Archive has some free videos you can download to include in your video.

This project is due Wednesday, June 20th at 10AM. If you need help, please contact me.

In addition to creating your video, you must also post a written blog of 500 words in conjunction with the video that adds to the information presented in the video. The blog post must contain a link to a source of additional information about your subject matter.

You must also post a 500 word paper to Angel. The paper should discuss the differences between the 2 sites you chose to post your video to. What are the good and bad points of each of those sites? What struggles did you encounter when you were shooting, editing and posting your video? Why use video as a communication tool instead of writing and/or photographs? Did the public nature of your video affect the subject matter you chose to discuss? Please cite examples from the article posted on Angel under the YouTube heading. Post your paper to the YouTube Paper drop box on Angel.

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