Monday, June 4, 2012


For your next assignment, you will be creating a wiki page with a partner. Your assignment is to create a wiki page on one of the following wikis.

Your topic should be something not covered in the wiki site you'll be posting to. With your group, find an area of expertise that you can discuss in depth to start a wiki strand. Here's more information about wikis if you don't know what they are:

By Friday, June 8th, you should complete your new wiki page and post it to the appropriate wiki. Your wiki article must be at least 1,000 words long, and must include at least 1 image. It should follow the rules for wiki creation according to the central wiki site. Any information you got from another website must be cited. All images must be your own images. Here are links to how to create new pages in the respective wikis:

To create a new page on BufWiki, go to the site, search for what you want to write about, and when the results come up, click create new page. 

To create a page on WikiHow, click on the Write Article button on the front page.

Additionally, you must write a blog post of 1,000 words about your experience writing the wiki with your partner. You should discuss the different ways that you used to communicate while making your wiki, cite references in the articles in order to discuss issues related to wikis. You also must include an image and 2 links in your post, one to your wiki page, the other to another reference about wikis. This is also due Friday, June 8th.

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