Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Your new assignment is to create an account with Facebook.

It's very straight forwards if you don't have an account already, so I'm not going to detail exactly how to join. But, once you join, you must:

1. Friend me (Brian Milbrand) and your classmates (leave a link to your facebook page in the comments here).

2. Create a Facebook Group or Event. It may be for a group or event of your own choosing, but it must be for a real group or event, and the event must be a public event.
On your group page, you must include a photo and a video. They can be original or embedded from YouTube or Vimeo. Extra credit for an original video.

For help with your Group page, here's the info from Facebook. And here's help for an Event page.

3. Once you've created your group or event, you must invite me. You can invite anyone else you'd like. 10 points of extra credit will be given to the person who gets the most people to join their group or page by the due date of this project.

4. You must sync your blog to Facebook. You then should write a new blog post that will also post automatically to Facebook. The post should discuss the articles "Examining Students' Intended Photos on Facebook," "Social Media for PR" and "A World I Don't Inhabit." Discuss the following questions:
a. If this is your first time using Facebook, what are your first impressions?
b. If you've been a long time user of Facebook, how do you utilize this site (socializing, business, education, etc)?
c. What other uses are the for Facebook aside from the ways you use the site?  
c. Was it acceptable for your instructor to require you friend him on Facebook?
d. Do you feel that your information on Facebook is private or public?
e. Are there rules of etiquette on Social Networking sites? Give examples.
f. Have you ever had an awkward situation arise because of something you posted to a social networking site?

The post should be 500 words long.

As always, please contact me if you have any issues. I can be contacted via e-mail and now Facebook. This project is due Monday, June 25st.