Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Students need to create a Twitter account. Please post your username in the comments so that your fellow students and I can then follow your feed. Over the next week and a half, you must post at least 15 tweets. Your tweets can be on any subject, but MUST be focused on one subject. For example, CNN's twitter page only posts news, while the record label Sub Pop's post relate to the bands on the label.

At least two of those tweets must include a link. Please use either tinyurl or bit to create a shorter url that you can fit into the 140 characters Twitter allows in each post. Additionaly, you must post one photo.

Finally, you must write a 500 word paper answering the following questions:

1. How is microblogging different than blogging?
2. How is microblogging different than social networks like Facebook?
3. If you have used Twitter before, what purposes have you used it for?
4. If you have never used Twitter before, how do you think you can use this site in the future?
5. How has Twitter been used beyond socializing?
6. In what ways can Twitter be useful as a journalistic, political and/or organizational tool?

You must cite references to the reading posted on Angel. The readings for this week are The Twitter Explosion, Iran: Downside to the Twitter Revolution and New Media Brings Youth to Politics Like Never Before.

Due Monday, July 2nd.